About Us

The history of the Brustolin Family Carpentry began in 1983.
Unlike any other family businesses, Brustolin Carpentry is characterized by the artisanal nature brought by the technical and managerial expertise of the renowned furniture specialist Mr. Ellindo Brustolin. Due to market shifts during the last decades, the carpentry has been conceived to create high quality, tailor-made products.

“When it comes to hand crafted products, passion is the only ingredient to quality. In our case, our passion for woodwork was inherited: work and family go hand in hand. We believe that professionalism is pursued through pleasure.

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In 1996, Fabrizio Brustolin decided to follow his father’s footsteps. After having completed his interior design studies he enhanced the competitiveness of the company by introducing creative and cutting-edge ideas. Thanks to his passion for wood and interior design he took the lead of the carpentry in 2005.

“Other than tradition, an advanced technological level is essential in our trade. We decided to invest in sophisticated machinery in order to achieve perfection in all our finishes. We seek precision in our assignments thanks to our industrial precision and high-quality craftsmanship. These technologies also reduce production costs in order to provide services at competitive prices.”

Fabrizio Brustolin led the company to what it is today thanks to the help of his father and his daughter Annarita, who entered the business in 2010. Their handicraft carpentry workshop is based on passionately providing unique and specialized carpentry services.

 It’s all about the relationship between the artwork, artisan and customer because all that we produce and sell is not forgotten: our pride derives from our client’s satisfaction. We assist our customers in resolving any inconvenience and always provide consulting services on design and furniture solutions.