Materials and Products

What do we do

High-quality materials such as the finest types of wood, traditional panels, and veneers are used for the production of all our products. Every project is carried out with the best range of hardware and advanced technologies available.

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What we produce

We create handcrafted custom-made furniture, ensuring our customers thorough consulting during every project, from the planning to small details.

Wardrobes and walk-in closets – for businesses and shops, built with modern accessories and mechanisms.

Kitchens and stoves – modern and traditional designs to complement your home or business. A wide range of materials are available (lacquers, hardwood, veneers, marble, steel and glass). Our kitchens can also be equipped with high-quality appliances and scratch-resistant and anticorrosion countertops.

Living rooms, bedrooms and bookcases – we can design made-to-measure kid’s bedrooms and classic or modern bedrooms equipped with orthopedic bed frames, all built in an environmentally friendly way. Our bookcases will fit precisely into your home office and working spaces.

Bathrooms – thanks to our well established experience we build bathrooms and accessories which highlight details and finishes.

Recreational rooms – you will proudly welcome your guests in a warm environment, decorated with sophisticated furniture, cupboards and shelves tailor-made to meet your needs.

Doors, tables and staircases – there is no limit to what we can create: from doors to tables of any material, finish and size. Our staircases can also be spiral to provide the look you desire.

Furniture for your business – our experience with professionals has motivated us to produce creative and innovative custom-made designs with high-quality materials. We are experts in decorating wine tasting rooms, wine shops and meeting areas.